Saturday, 1 September 2012

I’m no Luddite

I’ve had computers since the days of the ZX Spectrum – mine’s still in the attic (its rubbery keys gathering dust) and I remember MS-DOS. I’ve gone through ‘Dial-up’ and come out the other end with my nerves in tatters but nevertheless I launched myself happily into the broadband zone.

The next step though has me standing on the edge, like a scaredy-cat on the high-diving board above the deep end at the local swimming pool.

So many electronic tools seem to have arrived all at once that I’m out of my depth. There’s ebooks and Kindles. There’s iPads (I always have this urge to capitalize that ‘i’ when it’s at the beginning of a sentence. What’s the etiquette?) and their apps. Dare I jump in and buy another machine? They’re expensive and do I need another computing device when I already have 3? 

But I know an excuse when I hear one and thanks to the Phoenix Writers I’m on the verge of flexing my knees and leaping out into the unknown. There’s no pressure, but I don’t think I’ll be able to slipstream in the wake of other members for much longer without going for it. If nothing else, I’m too nosy.

The future of publishing is a big pool. A big interesting pool. A big interesting pool that’s changing shape daily. Do I want to be part of it? Yes, please! And I know just the people who would be only too happy to help me.

One of the Phoenix Writers, Mary, has published a collection of comic pieces on Amazon (Kindle edition). Why should I not follow suit? Mary had help from another member of the group and I’ll never forget her delighted smile when she saw the finished product for sale (only £2.96).

I’ll have no qualms about accepting help when the time is right and if I’m successful, it’ll be because I’m standing on the shoulders of others. That’s how the system works.

Glenise Lee

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