Sunday, 1 April 2012

Maya's April Blog

The typical scenario for most of us. Before the spring we have unused Christmas presents gathering dust. By February new year’s resolutions get broken. Now into April I am pleased to say because of joining The Writers Group in January, I have actually managed to stick to my new year’s resolution till spring. I always make the same resolution, which is to progress with my writing. By the end of the month (if I get that far) the resolution gets broken. A couple of close friends of mine emailed me the link to The Phoenix Writers group around Christmas time. It is certainly a present that I am going to cherish. It will not be gathering dust as many of my drafts of works in progress have.

The word/task of the week activity alone gets me writing something. The positive feedback I have already received has already taken me out of my comfort zone. I am writing this blogspot for a start. Coming to this group has already got me thinking about starting my own blog.

I echo what Leah said in the previous post I feel my writing has been nurtured and I am growing as a writer. The atmosphere is inspiring and welcoming and I not feel like the new girl in the group. 

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